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  • A Real Financial Resource for State of Missouri Employees

    The Pocket Change seminar teaches you that saving money—whether it’s for a short-term purchase or a long-term goal like retirement – truly is a journey. If you’ve attended this unique training session, then you have a better understanding of your financial situation as a state of Missouri employee. This website provides a number of additional resources to help keep you on track along the way.

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    Retirement Paycheck Sources

    Eligible state of Missouri employees will have access to both a pension and social security in retirement. These are guaranteed payments made to retirees throughout their retirement years. In addition to those guaranteed payments, supplemental retirement savings plans – like the State of Missouri Deferred Compensation Plan – will also provide a valuable source of pay each month in retirement. Generally speaking, pension and social security payments combined won't replace your entire pre-retirement paycheck, so savings in the deferred compensation plan are crucial for you to maintain your standard of living when you leave work. Learn more about these benefit providers below.

    Pension Plan Providers

    Missouri State Employees' Retirement System (MOSERS)

    MOSERS administers retirement, life insurance, and long-term disability benefits to most state employees.

    MoDOT & Patrol Employees' Retirement System (MPERS)

    This organization provides retirement, disability and death benefits to employees from the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT), Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) and MPERS staff.

    Personal Retirement Savings

    State of missouri deferred compensation plan

    The deferred compensation plan is a personal retirement savings account that will provide a necessary form of pay when you quit working. Employees contribute to this account throughout their career, direct their own investments, and manage their own balance in retirement. .

    Social Security Resources

    Social Security Administration

    Social Security is the foundation of economic security for millions of Americans—retirees, disabled persons, and families of retired, disabled or deceased workers.

    For a better idea of the amount you can expect to receive from social security, visit their Retirement Estimator tool at www.socialsecurity.gov/estimator. You can also view your official social security statement online by creating an account at www.socialsecurity.gov/myaccount

    Social Security: A Retirement Benefits Checklist

    Deciding how and when you receive Social Security retirement benefits can significantly impact your retirement security. Use this checklist to help identify what you need to know.


    State Employee Benefits

    State of missouri deferred compensation plan

    The deferred compensation plan is a convenient and low-cost way for state of Missouri employees to save extra money for retirement with both before- and after-tax (Roth) money.

    confidential counseling

    MOSERS (via MCHCP), MPERS and Conservation offer a confidential counseling and referral services through ComPsych that can help you and your family successfully deal with life's challenges.

    Long-term disability

    MOSERS & MPERS provide long-term disability benefits free of charge to most state employees. These benefits may help you get back on your feet in time to return to work or to retire.

    Short-term Disability (sick leave)


    Cafeteria Plan

    The State of Missouri offers four pre-tax programs that allows an employee to pay for certain benefits without being taxed on the expenditure.

    Term Life Insurance (MOSERS)

    MOSERS administers term life-insurance to most state employees. All MOSERS insurance is "term life" insurance. There is no cash or loan value. Benefits are paid upon the death of a covered participant.


    Visit www.insurance.mo.gov.

    Life Insurance Calculator

    How much life insurance do you need?.

    Saving & Investing

    Pocket Change explores how saving and investing can help you reach your financial goals. The videos and resources below will help you put a saving and investing plan into action, starting with your enrollment in the State of Missouri Deferred Compensation Plan.

    Deferred Compensation Enrollment


    Enrolling in the Plan is as simple as answering a few questions about yourself and choosing how much money to automatically contribute to the Plan each paycheck. The process is secure and quick.

    RetiremenTrack Calculator


    This calculator uses your personal information to develop a custom savings forecast that takes into consideration pension, social security, the deferred compensation plan and other savings.

    Grow Your Retirement Savings Calculator


    Using illustrations, this calculator shows how making regular contributions over a long period of time can have a big impact on your total retirement savings.

    FINRA BrokerCheck


    BrokerCheck is a free tool to help investors research the professional backgrounds of brokerage firms and brokers currently or formerly registered with FINRA or a national securities exchange, as well as current or former investment adviser firms and representatives.

    Savings Boost Calculator


    This calculator shows you how increasing your contributions can provide a valuable boost to your future savings. Even small increases can really add up over time.